About Remindzo

What is Remindzo?

Remindzo is a service that finds ULTRA-relevant content specifically for each of our members. It is "ULTRA" relevant because it is curated from the links that your friends, family and co-workers send to you everyday. We mine your email accounts, social media networks, IM/Chat servies, and other networks to find the links that came directly for you.

You can think of it like Digg, Google Reader, or Flipbook - but instead of using a basic algorthim to guess your interests based on simple generic tagging - we use the content that the people that know you best have already picked especially for you.

How Does It Work Exactly?

It's actually really simple. When you sign up to Remindzo you connect the sites where you share the most links between your peoples - for most that is Facebook, Twitter, Email and an IM/Chat service. Once you are connected, your work is done and we start the heavy lifting.

Every hour or so, we check your account to see if you have been sent a new link that you might want to read, watch or listen to. If there is one, we grab it out of the message, tag it, and save it for you until you are ready to consume it.

You can read your Remindzo links in anyway you like, but the two most common ways are to visit your Remindzo inbox - either by phone or desktop and browse for an article you feel like reading. Or, you can set an interval for Remindzo to send you email newsletter updates. Again, you can think of the newsletter like your favorite content source email (Reddit, StumbleUpon) - except for the content is even more curated for you. More about using Remindzo >>

So What Does It All Mean?

It means that you have another great way to find interesting content. It means that you will no longer have 20 tabs of links that you will never end up reading. It means that you will never lose an important link in the endless scroll of your email inbox. And it means you will have an archive of links - so you can search and resend articles and songs from the past - or just take a couple clicks down memory lane and see what you used to like.

And you get all of this in just by setting and forgetting your accounts to Remindzo.

3 Great Ways to Use Remindzo

1. Surf Your Inbox Like Your Favorite Content Source

Browse Remindzo for interesting articles like you would on your Facebook Feed, or CNN, or Funny or Die, or Stumble Upon - only every link is one that your friends, family and co-workers thought you would personally enjoy. So cure your boredom with an ultra currated list of links just for you!

2. Use Remindo as a Content Newsletter

Remindzo can be used to send you interesting articles - exactly like your favorite article aggregator like Google reader, or Digg, or any other source that gather links that you may like. The advantage of Remindzo is that we can be even more sure you will like the articles because someone you know sent it directly to you.

3. Make Remindzo Work for You

You can customize Remindzo to make it smarter for you. This can be done by marking links a must read, which will keep the link at the top of the pile until you either read it or mark it as unimportant. You can put extra filters on our link algorithm to make it work harder for you. You can block emails and domains so that links from a certain email address or from a certain website will no longer show up in your inbox or newsletters.